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3 Must-Have Tools

To Create, Run And Grow A Thriving Business Online.

On one hand, you understand the benefits of bringing your business online, and yet, you aren't a techie and often have no idea where to even begin.  It can stop you in your tracks because it feels completely overwhelming, but it doesn't have to - I am absolutely passionate about all things techie and want to share my knowledge and experience with you.  

I created this special report to help you to expand your understanding of the technology & tools that are available to support you and your business.  My hope is that it eases some of fears you might have around using technology to step more powerfully into the work you are doing by showing you how you can build and expand your business online with ease and grace.


a Note from kim...

Since founding Soul Purpose Business Solutions back in 2008, I have seen lots of online business technologies, tools & services come and go.  I've experimented with many over the past 15 years, and these are the ones that I remain faithful to because of their impact in my business and ease of use.

These are the 3 online business tools that have withstood the test of time and they are the very tools I use in my own business AND that I recommend to EVERY client I work with!

These tools have helped both me and my clients expand and enhance our online businesses in powerful ways that support the work we are here to do in the world AND at the same time create a strong foundation that is built for sustainable growth long-term!